Dive Sites

Porto Valitsa

Very close to our school and easily accessible by car, the dives in Porto Valitsa are etched in the memory of every diver. The dive starts in the beautiful bay where octopuses and cuttlefish watch you as you pass by. There is a sandy road in the sea, rocks with holes and caves that are home to many strange and at the same time wonderful forms of marine life. You will see groupers and moray eels as well as lobsters. Float over the steep cliffs and experience the magic of neutral buoyancy as if you were flying in space.


A route through the pure forests of Paliouri. The home of groupers, octopuses, and many other fish. The area is rich in natural beauty and surrounded by cliffs. There are also many species of corals and sea anemones, as well as many barren and rocky areas. Crystal clear waters and great visibility. On the left, there is a small cave that looks like a chimney and awaits you to discover it. Huge rocks that resemble large canyons. It is the most rocky part of the area, with sand only found on the beach of the bay.


The point is located in the area of Loutra Ag. Paraskevi with a beautiful view all the way from our center. The place is unique, of world-wide rare beauty as thermal waters spring from the bowels of the earth. With the unique composition of the elements they contain and their rare healing properties, they revitalize the body and spirit. Diving in bubbles and warm waters seems like magic but it is real. Jacuzzi spa and diving all in one. Even the sand is unique as its color is grey-white reminiscent of the lunar environment.


The spot is located in the area of Loutra Ag. Paraskevi and is rocky with a view of the Aegean Sea. What makes it an amazing place to dive is the 10 different caves it has in shallow water. The alternation from sunlight to shadow and the rich colors inside the caves is a magical memory. Tour underwater tunnels as if you were living in a movie. Colorful reefs and a trip to something different.

Chrousso bay

Very popular location in Paliouri and close to our diving center overlooking Sithonia and Athos. In Chrousso Bay both experienced and novice divers have the opportunity to discover many types of marine life as well as the morphology of the seabed that fascinates even the most experienced diver. A wide variety of sponges, octopuses, cuttlefish, starfish and anemones. Beautiful reefs rich in life are waiting for you to discover them.


With a beautiful route to the tip of the foot and a view of Sithonia, Canistro is a place that deserves many visits. There are ancient amphorae in the area as well as the fame of the statue of Apollo Canastraeus which is still being sought for makes visitors even more adventurous. There are many sponges, corals and fish such as groupers,  gopis ,atherines and sea urchins.

Agios Nikolaos

The point that touches the cape on the Kassandra peninsula offers unforgettable diving, rocks and sand with sponges, various species of sea urchin and anemone as well as very good visibility. It is possible to see different species of lobster, sardines, mullets and ruffs. The waters are crystal clear and they ask you to swim underwater.